aBigot Head

“… speaking of your grandmother like that all aggressive-like.. Hekaet.. shouldn’t be so funny” ,the younger boy looks up to the bigger person, Hekaet, trying to respond to his delirious attention he put on his grandma a minute ago. They had just entered the kitchen to grab some of the food she prepared last night and the food appeared more fresh and plump than ever before. The voice of Hekaet spoke loud and clear trying to alarm his napping grandma that she made such a delicious meal he would need to have her awake after he set utensils and a plate for food on the table. Jacop looked worried. Since he usually was trying to find a way to smear off any bad feelings he almost wore a worried expression all of the time. He gave up the fight to bring a smile and stood with his standard position of slumped shoulders and a loose head aside Hek. Jacop was going to sit outside and eat alone on this one, still surprised he had an appetite, he sat outside with ear plugs and a long butter knife.

Hek comes out slightly restless and hammered with a look that comes after an event of sorts, like a small event, one that feels like an event you want to happen fifteen times a day. He kneels down to scratch off chalk on the concrete porch, he says, “What’s today? I want to remember this lunch.”

Jacop doesn’t look anywhere near attentive to what Hek says but the taller boy keeps smudging the chalk not bothering to be heard. The sun continues to endure without clouds in the humid afternoon and sweat slips slowly; all in all they both sit simply together without anyone observing them. Days like this are frequent.