Anyways, my tumblr is on a roll. The music in the right place. The gurgling in my gut heightened by the half and half poison of lactose intolerance. Asshole grumbling all over the screen.

New layers for the aspect chronology. Like I said, sometimes you have to go backwards to go forward. Getting your thoughts realigned. It can take sacrifice. Monsters of the making. Burning with the barn. Raising gods. Each of us making our way through subtransience.

New players and new fields. Checking the span of that which is greater than a greeting, asking you where cometh then your inspiration from. Bearded, grizzled, greasy hair. Better equipped of war. Barbaric. Savage. Surprising those who have yet to be exposed to outside forces. The unbearable lightness of being. Like dolphins soaring through cosmic oceans, we are scattered. The twelve tribes of Israel.

Pulling hairs out of our moles because it is impossible to deny their existence. Needing a good beating. No longer Mormon. Incapable of flicking it off. Neo-Mormonism. Currentivism. Shooting out the story in a scatter pattern. Equipping the crystal mine of tomorrow.

It’s only just begun. Don’t you see that brothers and sisters? The sort of line a character spouts just before the buzz saw swoops in to swipe his head off. I told you these are bladed days. We are not safe but there are many means of death. Fan blades only making up a very small percentage. Guns on the dresser loaded in some Chekovian retelling. The schmiggy tasting like pure burnt coil. Where’s the mandarin? Where are the white spirits? Tequila blanco? Why don’t I even want you at all? PansexualPixie. Reallifecam. Leora. The thigh spots of Piper. A lion’s mane on the horizon.