Everything is upsetting me now. I’m in a real bad mood. I don’t know if it stems from this back pain or if that is simply a gauge indicating the state of my temperament. The neighbors have a bag of trash sitting in the hallway outside our door. It smells like perfumed cat crap. The schmig is dead and I don’t have the patience to let it charge. The dog is sitting by the door, begging me to take him out. There is splattered roach carcass on the stairs.

When I finally take him out, he keeps pulling at his leash. I’m yanking him around and it looks like he’s limping. I pray that today’s not the day that he stepped on glass. I pray that day never comes. Stupid Brooklyn streets… Everyone in my spiritual circle is getting mugged. The cat crap smell is wafting through our apartment.

I pour some essential oil into the diffuser to try and combat the smell but it is not powerful enough. I turn the air conditioner on and say a prayer. I can’t let them win. I won’t take it out for them — not that that’s what they are expecting, or that they have any hidden agenda.

I wad a blanket beneath the door. Musette wakes up. She needs to pee. I walk her to the bathroom and then I tuck her back in. She tells me to turn the air conditioner off until she falls back asleep.