The Death of the Internet Community
Giacomo Black

How To Live the Shape of the Internet

Taken into account all the wondrous things we have seen, the places we have been, the glory lain upon our shoulders during fifteen minutes of gore, it can be difficult comprehending how it is we can go on now that the level has changed and our eyes are still focusing on what tickled their fancy. Granted we’ve got our heads boxed within these strategic trollings of our most world wide netmongers, but “There’s only one way through.” said master David Blane of the trickster generation. “In the box, as the box. The bigger picture, chickens.”

We have ways of meeting each other. The absolute social network beyond what the white boy dicks of rich parents tell us it can be played as. Courage is a key component. A sense of the hopeless abandonment. The full fuck on. The multipartner poke and prod.

I’ll just leave you with one thing, you can abandon whatever chains you find holding this box up as its walls when you are the walls and then you walk down the chains and see that there are so many strings reaching out into the whole wide world, all connected to that one box.