Like I said, I’m sweating, but this sweat is gurgling internally. It’s here boiling on my eyes. I can feel the connection taughtly strung up my neckline. Pulling grail cards from the pouch like Gambit.


The magician making his way towards Christianity. Horrible heart wrench. It would be nice if you’d please throw him out of the cafe even though all I’m doing is asking for The Taken King and a place near Sundance where I can see my family and ride another car.

I don’t know if I’ll get to see space travel or time travel. Indigo toughness. I guess that’s something of the pain that I’m into. If you can play that music along your neckline then I’ll probably listen. I’ll play your song on my station.

Birthing crystals. One can hardly avoid talking about their children. If they’re there, they’re there, and it’s another aspect of God whom is here challenging us. The lord. With us here stumbling through the graveyard. Some of us splurge filled with his Taken magic. Oh god… They’ve called me a psychopath. I don’t think I’m a troll… I don’t think I’m going to lift her head up into the fan. I can’t be sure if the 2 o’clock kids are going to hold me up at weapon point. There was a mugging in my periphery.

I’m shirtless in sweatpants. Musette asleep to my left, buck naked. The dog lying on the hardwood floor. The Playstation is on but the television is off. Once was a time I smashed it. Vex.

I’m trying to tap into your head with my fingers and my thoughts. Full disclosure. Shadows taking shape in the doorway. Jump scares heightening. I’m a racist and a pedophile. I’m the worst of the worst. The player on the screen that’s been winning for so long that you don’t care who takes him out so long as he’s taken out. Moby Dick.