Plentopticon Of Another Morning That Might Be Monday

I had a dream wherein I was hired back on at The Page. It was just as I had hoped, they had realized the mistake they had made. All of the employees had been very upset, causing the managerial team to rethink their decision. Things were going alright until I had to count out my register. None of the math was adding up. I kept losing count.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why this is taking me so long. I’m just rusty.”

This went on for an agonizing length of time before I woke up.

Musette was kissing my face. She had me make her a press of the new coffee I bought yesterday. Getting into the shower, she took her shirt off and told me that she would like me to wear it. It was the shirt her mom had given me as a Christmas gift.


I went into the room and put it on but then she put on a shirt that was exactly the same color.

“We’re wearing the same color!” she said.

I took mine off.


On the way to the station to drop her off, Carlton pooped in some grass which was impossible to clean up, and then he pooped right in the middle of the tight sidewalk in front of the police station.

“You’re lucky there’s no one around.” I said.

Before she left, Musette reminded me to complete the schmiganty.

“Oh, and try calling the unemployment office.”

I told her that I would and then I told myself that I have to try and get it done sooner than later.