This Becomes My Life

At first I ride the train with her into the city but then her subway pass runs out of time so I give her mine and end up just walking her to the stop near our house, utilizing the opportunity to allow the dog a chance at relieving himself.

“I just want you to relax.” she tells me. “Play some Destiny. Catch up on some of those shows you’ve been missing.”

April calls it a writer’s sabbatical — or was that Lilli… either way, it was one of the girls. One of those villains who knows my face and whom I may never fully trust again.

Girls. Everywhere are girls. Bound to get another boy jealous. Bound to cause a riot. Bout to call out the idiots. Bout to start a parade. Bound to the blades above my head and around me at all times. Bound to them as they are bound to me.