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2 min readJan 4, 2018


by Culturati

We are so happy to announce that Culturati and our partner Weeva have teamed up to create a professional hardcover anthology of real stories and expert advice on corporate culture building.

We’ve interviewed a select group of leaders and experts who have agreed to open up about what they’ve done right and wrong.

The book will be published in February-March 2018. A pre-print copy will be given to all Culturati Summit 2018 attendees. Our working title is: The Culture Book: A Practical Guide to Building Incredible Corporate Cultures.

Included in the book are companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Rackspace, Accenture, WP Engine, SailPoint, & BusinessSolver. We also interviewed subject matter experts from all over the world, including Patty McCord (Netflix), Lindsay McGregor (VegaFactor), Jerry Greenfield & Doug Ulman.

You can read a sample excerpt of our interview with Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s here.

Culturati is a community of leaders who study & practice culture building, and who share our playbooks with each other. Our participants represent a wide variety of industries from technology, real estate, education, finance, and the arts, to armed forces, neuroscience, management consulting and transportation.

We gather yearly for our annual Summit in Austin in January (this year, the 28th and 29th — registration information here). We also convene around the country throughout the rest of the year for dinners, salons, editorial events, office tours and more. Our members are constantly asking us for specific, real-world cases and playbooks.

This project is one of the ways we aim to deliver on that request.

In the book you’ll find practical advice from CEOs who know that getting culture right is just good business; from entrepreneurs who have built an innovative culture with intention from the start; and from practitioners who sees patterns no one else can.

This project is about learning from experience and sharing rich, fresh discoveries rather than visionary thought leadership or cutting-edge academic research. It is about deliberate practice, and lessons learned in the trenches. It is about getting past schtick and speaking points.

We asked subjects to be their authentic self and candor, sharing failures as well as successes. We wanted to know what continually challenges the best and brightest among us, and what makes our teams most proud.

We’ll unveil more about the book as we get closer to the Summit, including our final title, cover art, and how to pre-order your copy.

To be notified when pro-orders go on sale, enter your name and email here.

Thanks so much for all of your incredible support along the way! The extended Culturati family really came together to make this book happen and we are forever grateful.



Culturati Team
Culturati: Magazine

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