August Culturati Magazine

Feeling really blessed to include articles from three very dear friends in this month’s issue of Culturati Magazine.

Josh Jones-Dilworth (who I love like a brother & who’s my Culturati co-founder) gets very very real in his guest column, Surrender Your Gold. I think growing up of modest means and receiving a scholarship to a fancy prep school made Josh super aware of privilege and the economic chasm around us. He’s been paying it forward since he landed the opportunity much less the degree.

Albert Swantner is a new friend but I’ve been learning from him since we met last year. He’s a 2020 Culturati Fellow, a serial entrepreneur and the CTO of Mobile Tech RXand. He writes about grieving in this virtual, remote world we find ourselves, and how we can support our team members during their personal loss.

While I was preparing to interview Joah Spearman during a Capital Factory Founder Story session this week, he sent me his essay, What happened after we were rejected from YCombinator. I just had to republish it. While originally published in Linkedin in December 2015, it’s every bit as relevant today — it’s about tenacity and grit, personality combinations critical for successful entrepreneurs.

About three weeks ago, Joah told me he didn’t think more than 2 dozen Black men have received more than $5mm in venture capital funding in America — less than 24 investments by American VCs in startups founded by Black men (not counting those with White or Asian co-founders). I’m still aghast at this number and working to try to confirm it. I’ve asked a lot of people — White, Black or Asian — if they believe the number, most do.

Finally, we’re organizing our next Culturati: LIVE around energy management …fatigue and burnout…the exhaustion from suppressing emotions to “be a leader” rather than properly dealing with these emotions, especially sadness and frustration. This chronic suppression accelerates burnout by compounding difficult emotional energy, sometimes propelling leaders into a depression or negating their empathic leadership qualities.


Eugene Sepulveda

Eugene Sepulveda is the co-founder of Culturati® as well as the CEO of the Entrepreneurs Foundation, a director & partner in Capital Factory, and the Treasurer & a Sr. Advisor to Austin Mayor Steve Adler. Eugene’s long played at the intersection of business, politics and community in Austin and nationally. He can be reached at



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Culturati Team

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