Creating Change Through a Whole Person Approach

By Suraj Hinduja, Managing Director, RTRX

There is no doubt 2020 has shaped us all in one way or another. The impacts are expansive, and the lessons are many. All valuable and important. But the one that simply won’t leave my head is this: we are all human. It sounds trite and obvious, but frankly, before March 2020, this lesson was lost on me. I was more focused on the race than the journey. As I look around, I think that was the case for many — as individuals, businesses, and communities.

By our very nature, humans like to compartmentalize and categorize. I work in the world of social entrepreneurship, and am a son, grandson, friend, lover of espresso, passionate philanthropist … the list goes on. The same holds true for everyone…you have many roles, many responsibilities, many people and ideals you are passionate about and committed to. Prior to March, I believe we were more inclined to compartmentalize these roles and responsibilities losing the important value they synergistically lend to one another. But as the world changed, our work and school environments changed radically, as well as the needs in our communities. It has become clear that we must focus on the whole person — not just the professional, but every bit of what makes us who we are in our daily lives … in our families, our businesses, our teams…to become more successful as individuals, companies and communities.

As we think about the future, and what the RTRX 2021 experience looks like, we’re applying that lesson and putting ourselves in the shoes of our community, asking: “what does it mean to truly build something of transformative value for the whole — the whole person, the whole business, the whole team?” We’re focused on building an experience that maximizes the very best development of business, personal, and team while investing in innovative cancer research. And we’re doing it in a way that is meaningful, dynamic, emotional, and relevant to the growth of the whole. In every decision we make, we’re asking ourselves:

  • Does it mobilize our community to move from thought leadership to change leadership?
  • Does it provide our community with the inspiration and tools to hit the ground running and activate change?
  • Does it create an opportunity to expand thinking? Does it provide the investment in themselves and their team?

We’re building not only an experience focused on the whole person, but a community focused on connection and amplifying the power of being part of something bigger than ourselves to create change in the world…making it not about the race, but the journey…and the incredible lengths we can travel together.

Suraj Hinduja

Suraj is Managing Director of RTRX, a movement that empowers and mobilizes individuals and businesses to do good by moving from thought leadership to change leadership. The annual three-day experience over Pelotonia’s Ride Weekend brings hundreds of industry leaders, bold entrepreneurs, mavericks, and other forward-thinkers together at the intersection of leadership and innovation. Attendees connect, learn and collaborate to build tools they need to take on the challenges of our times, unlock new business opportunities and participate in shaping the future, all while benefiting innovative cancer research. Join us in Columbus, Ohio from August 4–7 for RTRX 2021.



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