Culturati Summit 2020: Leading with Purpose and Courage

From the Culturati Programming Team (Rebecca Ewing, co-chair, programming)

Culturati Summit 2020 is fast approaching and we’re thrilled to provide a glimpse into what all we have planned.

We’re excited Culturati members are helping shape our program by submitting proposals for panels, workshops, roundtables, and intimate breakouts. We will continue to accept these for a few more weeks. Keep the ideas and feedback coming. Few conference organizers enjoy such committed engagement from their community. None of us are as smart or as practiced as all of us, and we are truly grateful for your help.

Submissions will be accepted through Friday, September 27th. You can apply here.

If you are selected, please expect to invest time and effort in preparation for your panel or talk. Know thyself. If you are extraordinarily busy and will inevitably prepare for the Culturati Summit at the last minute despite your best intentions, please reconsider submitting. Offering clarity and preparedness to our attendees, including you, is a major priority for us.

We’ve spent the past four Summits talking about building culture. That work and that conversation will never end.

This year we’ve centered our Summit programming around the theme of leadership and leadership cultures.

When we talk with CEOs, c-suite leaders, culture stewards, and high performers quickly climbing organizational ladders, the role of the leader looms large. We want to dig into what it truly means to lead a culture, to lead with culture, and to create a culture of leadership that extends beyond our companies and into our communities and the world at large.

In a world experiencing a crisis of leadership with bad models everywhere, we want to showcase examples of authentic and purposeful leadership. In a time when it’s too easy to misconstrue “great” leadership being about admiration or ego, we want to elevate leaders who empower and champion others.

How do the best steward strong cultures, and high performing ones? How do we reconcile leading by example with the notion of servant leadership? How do ensure sure we really have an impact?

What are the tips, tricks, and traits of the world’s most successful leaders? What is in their playbook that I’ve not yet heard? What about the very unique and niche leadership challenges I face? Who can I learn from, and work alongside on those? How do we as leaders ensure we have a shared direction, aligned work processes, and help maintain that commitment?

This year is about learning from each other and committing to together, be that example and make that difference in our spheres. The time is now.

We’re specifically thinking in terms of a few categories:

Mindful Leadership

How did the best leaders learn to lead themselves first? How do you know when you’re ready to lead? What tools and tricks ensure you’re controlling your feelings, emotions, and nervous system?

Purposeful Leadership

How do we unlock performance beyond what we alone can inspire? What is the purpose of our work? What is the impact and legacy that drives us? How do we reconnect to those values when we’ve lost our way? What are the “moral” elements we are and should be considering? As norms are stripped away, what guides elevated behavior?

Courageous Leadership

How do the best leaders wield their power and authority bravely? Where are we not actively asking or listening that we should be? What conversations aren’t we having? How should we all be holding each other accountable even more?

Productive Leadership

What are the best ways to motivate people to action? Get things done? Create space while keeping pace? How do we out-execute on culture and our business? And at the same time, how do we measure wellbeing and longevity in addition to or even instead of output?

Strategic Leadership

How do we make the right calls in a time with the pace of change is quickening and quickening? How do the best see and act several steps ahead? How do we know what is next, and inspire others to be looking ahead in the same ways?

That’s what’s on our mind right now as we firm up our program.

We’re announcing our first official round of speakers. Last month we shared that Stuart Crabb will be joining us on the main stage.

Stuart is a 25-year veteran of the Valley tech industry. With a practical and positive approach to hard work, Stu has built and led Talent Development at tech giants like Yahoo! and Facebook.

As one of the first employees, Stu was the architect of the Facebook’s now famous strengths-based, high-performance strategy, and led the design and launch of its widely acclaimed new hire, manager development and leader development programs. He also played an integral role in the People Leadership team that helped Facebook go public, and rocket the company to the top of the Glassdoor index of best places to work in corporate America.

You can read more about Stuart’s unique insights in our recent interview with him. We’re thrilled to have him join us, and learn from his experiences.

And, we’re excited to share now that Arlan Hamilton will also join us on the big stage. Arlan is the founder and managing partner of Backstage Capital, a fund dedicated to minimizing funding disparities in tech by investing in high-potential founders who are people of color, women, and/or LGBT. Started from scratch in 2015, Backstage has now invested nearly $5m into 100 startup companies led by underestimated founders. In 2018 Arlan co-founded Backstage Studio which launched four accelerator programs for underestimated founders in Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and London. Arlan Hamilton founded Backstage from the ground up, while homeless.

What other leadership themes are you most interested in discussing, debating, and sharing with each other? What strikes a nerve? What are we missing?

We’d love to hear from you, formally or informally. We’re all ears and accepting final submissions for a few more weeks. Share with us and/or start your submission now.




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