Five Culture-changing Tools Showcased at the 2019 Culturati Summit

by Janice Omadeke, Founder and CEO, The Mentor Method

Whether your company is a Fortune 500 or a fast-growing startup, your customers, employees, and stakeholders are taking stock of the culture you’re creating within your company. As history and the news have shown, unhealthy, noninclusive company cultures is a direct path to a loss of your top employees, a poor reputation in the eyes of your current and potential customers compared to your competitors, and rapid decline of your market share. A recent study from the Harvard Business Review shows that your diverse employees (women, people of color, LGBTQ+, military veterans) are seeking programs that prove they are welcomed and woven into the future of your company, however, 75% of employees from that identify within these groups find the current efforts superficial.

As the leader of your company, you set the tone for the direction of the company. It may feel as though changing your culture to become more inclusive and adapt to the evolving needs of the workforce is an uphill battle. Every management book advises leaders to delegate to help you become more successful and efficient. Just as you would delegate tasks to employees who are better suited to fulfill what needs to get done, the same can be said for your culture improvement.

When faced with delegating, hiring a VP of People Operations, Talent Management, or Diversity and Inclusion is a great first start. Supporting these professionals in their immense responsibility of helping you remain competitive in the market by building the best team possible is the extra step leadership tends to avoid. By bringing in tools to seamlessly shift your company culture, you’re showing a true commitment to your current and future employees, customers, investors, and stakeholders.

The Culturati Summit directly addressed this dilemma by showcasing companies that will revamp your culture challenges efficiently. Here are five tools you can use within your company to help your company become a place emerging leaders are excited to work for.


Focus: Culture assessment and strategy

CultureIQ is the leading global culture management company and helps organizations drive competitive advantage by aligning culture with strategic business objectives. Powered by industry-leading strategists, flexible technology, and a validated research framework, CultureIQ makes what’s good for people good for business.

Why this works:

“Humans have long worked together to achieve great things. Just take a look at Stonehenge, Manchu Picchu, the Great Wall, and the International Space Station. However, to achieve something monumental you need to have a culture that is engaged, aligned and agile. For an organization to thrive in today’s fast-paced, constantly-changing landscape an organization needs a culture built not just for engagement but to execute on strategy.”

— Showcased by Sheridan Orr, Vice-President, Marketing, CultureIQ

Know Your Team

Focus: Manager training

Know Your Team is software that helps you become a better leader, and avoid becoming a bad boss. They give you educational resources based on data from 15,000+ people, software tools to save you time as a leader, and a community of 1,000 managers to learn from along the way. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I don’t know what I’m doing as a manager,” Know Your Team is for you.

Why this works:

“No one sets out to become a bad boss — but it’s easy to become one. Leadership books lack practical application, and training are time-consuming. If you are tired of making beginner mistakes as a leader, give Know Your Team a shot. Based on data from over 15,000+ people, our software helps you become the boss you’ve always wanted to work for. Leadership is hard enough. Learning to be a good leader doesn’t have to be.”

Claire Lew, CEO, Know Your Team

The Mentor Method

Focus: Mentorship, employee retention, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion

The Mentor Method is a customizable platform that helps companies match talent with the right mentorship within their company, increasing team inclusion, and retention. Think online dating for compatibility, but for corporate mentorship and a return you can justify to your leadership next quarter. Leading Fortune 500 companies use The Mentor Method to develop diverse talent with less headache (faster, cheaper implementation), attract candidates in a unique way, and put diverse talent into a mentoring framework that makes them (and their company) more successful.

Why this works:

“Mentorship is the number one retention resource millennials look for in an employer. When you match your talent to a mentor, you’re saying, ‘this is who we see you becoming in the future. This is who we think you’re closely aligned to’. And if it’s not the right match, you’re showing you really don’t know your team and they’ll leave to work for another company that does understand them. When it costs 50–400% of an employee’s salary to replace them, you can’t afford to lose their top performers. Our software empowers companies to spend less time planning a mentorship program, and more time seeing the results of more productive and engaged employees, and a rapid return on their investment”

Janice Omadeke, Founder and CEO, The Mentor Method


Focus: Talent development, leadership development, mentorship, creating a learning culture

Verb is a learning culture platform that helps companies to create a continuous learning culture throughout the organization. Verb’s unique model integrates leadership training, mentorship, peer learning, and purpose. Verb helps employees to build essential skills, like critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and learning agility. Verb’s content library includes topics such as Giving & Receiving Feedback, Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, and Implicit Bias. Verb is offered on a monthly subscription basis.

Why this works:

“You should use our product in the next 90 days to immediately reduce turnover among first-time managers and their direct reports.”

Suzi Sosa, Co-founder and CEO, Verb


Focus: Employee engagement, company yearbooks, company culture book, company Celebrations, thought leadership books (like Culture Book)

Weeva helps people work together to collect and preserve the experiences, wisdom and stories that matter most. Once collected, Weeva turns the stories into beautifully designed books that people treasure. By facilitating authentic and personal storytelling, they enable people to connect as people, deepening meaning and relationships. Weeva works with companies to create company culture books that reveal the heart and soul of the company; thought leadership books that position the company as a leader in their industry; and company celebration books, including retirements and company milestones, that celebrate people and their accomplishments.

Why this works:

“Weeva provides a powerful way to engage employees in telling the company’s story, and position your company as an authority in its field. Projects can be completed within 2–6 months of starting. Weeva acts as an extension of your team, incorporating your brand guidelines and company personality. Weeva is intentionally designed to minimize bandwidth impact on your team”

Kim Gorsuch, Founder, and CEO, Weeva

We hope you’re as inspired learning from these businesses as the Culturati audience was during the 2019 annual Summit.