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Jul 9 · 4 min read

I attended Hung Pham’s Culture Summit in San Francisco last month, a two-day conference (plus one day of optional workshops) focused on building culture from the inside out, intentional networking, and creating a culture collective. Attendees are mostly managers and directors. The conference is focused on providing tools, learning and community to participants.

My favorite presentations included Susan Lee, the Chief People Officer of SeatGeek (formerly with Warby Parker and Spotify) — acting with humanity, speaking with empathy . . . honesty over transparency . . . feedback, making sure it’s about helping someone do better . . .and presumed positive intent. Also, Jack Altman’s, CEO of Lattice, presentation on building a high growth culture — your people strategy is your business strategy . . . you must 1) embed a growth mindset, 2) define success, 3) coach to autonomy, 4) provide candid feedback, 5) celebrate wins and 6) listen to people. Aubrey Blanche, Global Head of Diversity & Belonging at Atlassian, had attended our Culturati dinner the night prior so we’d spoken around the table. Still, I was blown away by her enthusiasm, insights and intentionality — I like her focus on teams and building culture from the inside out, on structured, predictive interviews and implementing inclusive practices in meetings. Aubrey is very data driven. I wish I’d captured her information on these practices but await the release of her slides. I’ll ask her to contribute a piece on these to a future issue of Culturati Magazine.

Hung and I will explore opportunities to collaborate between the two Summits. In fact, I also met Jenny Sauer-Klein, founder of the Culture Conference. They aren’t hosting a conference in 2019, but Jenny’s hoping to relaunch in the Bay Area in 2020. The three events have different target audiences and approaches, and I’m sure there are ways for us to collaborate to bring members of each even more value and resources.

Culturati continues to grow, building cohorts of leaders around the country and impacting an increasing number of organizations. This year, we’ve held Culturati events in Austin, Columbus and San Francisco with additional events already scheduled in Austin, Houston and Toronto. We hope to additionally schedule events this year in Chicago, Dallas, Traverse City and New York.

Our next Austin event (by invitation only for Culturati members) includes Stedman Graham being interview by Steven Tomlinson about his new book, Identity Leadership — many thanks to the Lenovo Foundation, Adisa Communications, Microsoft and Capital Factory for sponsoring. Our events in Columbus and in San Francisco were dinners hosted for CEOs, CHROs and other senior executives with responsibility, authority and spend for culture, continuing in the tradition of the Summit’s signature kickoff dinners,

My co-founder, Josh Jones-Dilworth — just back from two weeks in his family’s happy place, the wilds of Alaskaformerly kicks off the 2020 Summit’s program committee next week. Early bird registration for the Summit (Jan 26 & 27, 2020) wraps up in a couple of weeks, and we’ll launch the Austin summer/fall Culturati dinners soon. Past attendees can register here using the code sent by email. Or, email info@CulturatiSummit.com for a new code.


Eugene Sepulveda is the co-founder of Culturati® as well as the CEO of the Entrepreneurs Foundation, a director & partner in Capital Factory, and the Treasurer & a Sr. Advisor to Austin Mayor Steve Adler. Eugene’s long played at the intersection of business, politics and community in Austin and nationally. He can be reached at Eugene@ABPorter.org

Culturati: Magazine

Culture powers performance

Culturati Team

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Culturati is a community of CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors and other c-suite leaders who practice & study culture building and share our play books.

Culturati: Magazine

Culture powers performance

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