Move Over Employee Engagement

Leadership should focus on employee experience in 2018

In the first-of-its-kind Employee Experience Defined report, we found four key pillars that lead to strong engagement.

  1. Connection: Having strong connections to colleagues, managers, the company, and the community
  2. Meaning: Knowing my company, and the work I do, has meaning and purpose and being aligned to those, and also being rewarded in a meaningful, personalized way
  3. Impact: Engagement is higher when you give rather than receive, and the overall employee experience is significantly bolster from this. Employees want to have an impact on their colleagues and the community in which they live and work. This is a lot about giving back in meaningful ways, and the company helping employees do so.
  4. Appreciation: Receiving specific, real-time appreciation for the work I do from the people that matter most.

Here are 3 ways you can make these “4 Pillars” come alive in your company today.

1. Regularly recognize behaviors that drive your business forward



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Culturati Team

Culturati Team


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