Parallels Between Coaching 7-Year-Olds and Leading a Business
photo by aslyons
  1. Less is more when learning something new/taking on complex systems — focus on fewer things but consistent execution
  2. Always focus on fundamentals — See #1
  3. Talent wins — very difficult to overcome a talent gap — successfully doing everything else on this list closes that gap, but it’s still very hard.
  4. Put your aces in their places — putting people in the right position to be successful is critical It’s your job as a leader/coach to identify talent and utilize it accordingly. Just because a player/employee wants to play/work a certain position doesn’t mean that’s the best position for them or the team — be open to new ideas/perspectives from direct reports on this and other matters.
  5. Be patient and have fun — focus on small wins and getting 1% better each day.



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Culturati Team

Culturati Team

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