Please Participate: An Experiment

By Josh Jones-Dilworth

Acts of Service

As noted in my opening piece for this month’s issue , a common theme in the literature about how to combat polarization is the importance of “acts of service.”

We’ve been wanting to run an experiment like this for awhile now, and figured there’s no better prompt. Amidst all the anger, doom, and gloom of our increasingly polarized world, let’s try to be wind at each other’s back(s).

Below is a link to a survey in which you will be prompted to list one thing you have to contribute to the community, and one thing that would really make you successful.

When you complete the survey, you will receive a link to the results database, which you can peruse at your leisure.

If there’s sufficient volume, we’ll do this every month.


For example, I have: ​​a diverse, badass General Counsel candidate with deep experience in innovation and DEI. If you want an intro:

And what I need? I need to meet folks from education who love science and are considering a career change. If you know someone like this:


See, that was easy!

I’ll highlight some top responses in the space just below as answers flow in.


Take the survey by clicking this link.


From Muna Hussaini @Indeed: I will soon be hiring for several roles — strategy, project/program management, BI, and operations; I have great jobs at Indeed! In terms of needs, I would love to chat with someone on ideas of change management at scale.

From Jeremy Hunter @The Drucker School of Management: I have the ability to help people and organizations reinvent and transform themselves as a response to intense challenges; I’d love to hear from you anytime. In terms of what I need, it’s just ​​visibility so people know we can have this kind of conversation. Thank you for doing this. You all are always so fantastic!

From Prof. Ethan Burris: I have access to a wealth of energetic students who want to do good to the world. Let’s put them into action. what I need is a kickass executive coach…someone who gives great advice and knows the data behind it works.

From Liz Jones-Dilworth: I have the willingness to spend 1–2 hours helping hone someone’s professional bio and story to use for maximum effect on LinkedIn, verbal intros, etc. In terms of needs, I would love to know Austin-area coaches who are great. We know many but always need to know more!

From Eugene Sepulveda: I know a lot about who’s working on what and who else might be interested in the same initiatives. If you’re looking for potential partners on a community initiative, I might be able to intro a few prospects (solid, well-thought out, partially to fully funded, ready-to-execute projects only please). I need a project manager to work with me on a huge annual event with a lot of moving parts. Want someone full time motivated to make a difference. Excellent interpersonal & deescalation skills required.



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