SAFE Pledge

by Eugene Sepulveda, Co-founder & CEO, Culturati

We are taking action against violence. I hope you’ll join me, Douglas Ferguson, and Josh Jones-Dilworth in signing the SAFE pledge.

The SAFE Alliance is Austin’s preeminent nonprofit organized to stop abuse by serving the survivors of child abuse, sexual assault & exploitation, and domestic violence. They help end violence through prevention, advocacy, and comprehensive services for individuals, families and communities that have been affect by abuse.

Doug Ferguson’s dear friend and Voltage Control’s Head of Operations, Jenni Robertson, was killed by her husband after a prolonged period of abuse. Her friends and colleagues at Voltage Control grieved being unaware of the situation and missing important signs and signals. They’ve pledged to learn how to spot abuse and how to support those affected by family violence. They call this the SAFE Pledge and have asked me to share it with you and your company.

They are hoping to have several tech companies and start-ups as early signers, before going out to a broader market.

If you’d like to join Voltage Control, JDI and the Entrepreneurs Foundation as an early signer of the SAFE Pledge (, please let Douglas know by emailing him at

Thanks for considering this very important matter.





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