VIDEO: Economist & Theologian Steven Tomlinson’s Keynote at Culturati Summit 2019

Culturati Summit 2019 Opening Keynote with Dr. Steven Tomlinson, Associate Professor of Leadership at the Seminary of the Southwest

Culturati asked Prof. Tomlinson to speak as an economist, a theologian and a philosopher on culture. Steven notes that corporations are under mounting pressure to be better citizens. As we renegotiate the social contract between business and the community, what should we be asking for? How can our company cultures help build the world we want to live in? Steven explores why we work, how we work together best, and what the purpose of culture may be.

Dr. Steven Tomlinson

Dr. Steven Tomlinson is an associate professor of leadership and administration, holds a PhD in economics from Stanford University. He coaches and consults with Wall Street, Fortune 500 and high-tech start-up executives and managers on leadership and communication strategy. He is a founding master teacher at the Acton School of Business for Entrepreneurship. He taught economics and finance at The University of Texas at Austin for 17 years, where he designed and directed the MBA professional development program. He is also an accomplished playwright and performer. His award-winning solo shows have been produced in Austin and off-Broadway. He is married to Culturati’s founder, Eugene Sepulveda.