Jam Right Back

Art Everyday Cap from Poketo

The red cap with a embroidered white writing has been a critical piece visual iconography for Trump and his supporters. The red version of the “Make America Great Again” hat has been so popular that it has sold out (whereas the white color is still available); a miniature version in brass has been rendered as Christmas ornament which sells for $99 on the presumptive President-elect’s website.

What first struck me when I saw this cap from Poketo this morning was the possibility of counter-culture jamming the culture jammers, the people who fabricate news items by copying the look and feel of actual news websites, and the alt-right outlets whose obscurantist memes have influenced many conversations during this election cycle.

I know wearing this hat with its white on red would be a subtle, even feckless symbol of resistance, one which assumes art is inherently progressive, but the idea pleases me nonetheless.

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