How SJWs infiltrated the open source community.

Sep 19, 2018 · 5 min read

In our inaugural story, we bring to light recent developments in the open source community, most prominently the Linux Kernel, updated their code of conduct to reflect “Contributor Covenant”, a list of behavioral rules intended to police the behavior of coders working on open source projects, authored by left wing extremist Coraline Ada Ehmke. The SJW manifesto critiques how “open source projects suffer from a startling lack of diversity.”

An open source community or project is a central source of code for software commonly found on places such as Github, whose code is public and anyone can contribute to it’s improvement or repair.

The code of conduct not only polices the behavior of contributors, but polices their behavior outside of the repository. So if a contributor happened to like Trump in a tweet, then based on the sideways non-existent logic of the SJW, they would be banned from the community.

The “covenant” cites extreme leftist third wave feminist language, straight up rejecting the benefits of a system based on “merit” and seeks “equality of outcome” rather than equality of opportunity. And offers baseless assumptions such as: “organizational cultures that value (merit)” referencing “studies”. Assumptions fueled by social justice professors whose end goal is to establish license to suppress free speech and police thought. (See below)

“Coraline” is the author of the “Covenant” as well as the Meritocracy Manifesto

Essentially, the Covenant Code is the doorway for which SJW co-opts politically neutral, volunteer based software development. Which, according to Coraline:

“ From the onset open source has been inherently a political movement, a reaction against the socially damaging, anti-competitive motivations of governments and corporations. It began as a campaign for social liberty and digital freedom, a celebration of the success of communal efforts in the face of rampant capitalism. What is this if not a political movement?”

Of course Coraline’s assessment is wholly false. Just as how a Computer Science student Tetris practice repo is somehow related to the tenants of the Social Justice Mania or the Bolshevik Revolution, Caroline’s assertion is equally absurd.

And Coraline’s aggressive attempt to get open source communities to surrender their base wholesale to the police state of social justice aims to do just that. But it begs the question… why? Wouldn’t you risk a deserted project by forcibly introducing politics into a non-political environment? The motive requires further investigation.

Caroline is also the author of the “Post-Meritocracy Manifesto”. A half-assed laundry list of reasons why society should not focus on the merits of the individual and strive for success but rather seek out to treat everybody as if they cured cancer, whether they deserved the sanctimonious pat on the back or not. TLDR: A lazy ass’ get of jail free card.

A remarkable but deeply and fundamentally flawed doctrine of Marxist ideology that demands that the attention and reverence given to technical geniuses inside open source communities also be provided to those who can’t code their way out of a wet paper bag. (I wonder if this type of brain damaged logic could be applied to the medical field?)

Either this is a concerted effort by multinational agencies to completely undermine the open source community in an effort to remove them from the competitive landscape, or a straight up Marxist agenda by a lunatic.

Sadly, thousands of open source projects have adopted her philosophy of left wing extremism. Whether or not these open source communities endorse or promote these extremist values remains in question.

Furthermore, it is alarming at the unquestionable willingness of open source authors and maintainers to allow such rules to regulate repositories unchecked and unquestioned especially from left wing extremists and opening the door for political intimidation and abuse by said SJWs. Hence the menacing glee in Coraline’s tweets.

But not all open source communities are THAT ignorant. Some have repelled the unwelcome advances from the trans activist which has led to her full blown public display 5-year-old tantrum. (Seen here)

Open source communities are an unusual target for left wing extremism but their goal is perhaps cultivating the minds of the future. Either way, unless you want your internet activities followed like a lost puppy, might want to dodge these repos.

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