The Energy Map of India

Do you know where your energy comes from? With the help of a colleague, I created an Energy Map of India, which purports to have the geographic data of all major energy infrastructure in the country.

The map is incomplete in at least two ways: it does not have all energy for any one source, and it doesn’t include all sources. The map is therefore still a work-in-progress, and will continue to be so until we somehow stumble upon a treasure chest of geographic data. We do plan to incrementally improving the map over time.

In particular, if you are aware of data on solar projects in India, please contact me on Twitter or email.

You can access the interactive map by clicking this link.

Pssst: I have reliably learned that the Government of India is also working on such a map. Given their resources, the map will be far more detailed and will incorporate for flows of energy. But it is still some way off.