How We Ended 2015 at Wavelabs.

It is said that New Year is the time for new beginnings. At Wavelabs, we ended the year 2015 with fresh somethings. While the rest of the world decided to party on the whole of 31st December, we gave our brains and knees some work.

It was time for us to revisit the old lanes of our workplace while ensuring we were having fun. So, we decided to conduct a Treasure Hunt at the office and since it was the first time we had it, we were all pretty excited to see how things would unfold. The clues were riddles that made our folks think of places that led them to the places they have seen before, been before. In this game, we made sure that we covered most of the places while creating abundant clues for every team. In short, there were myriad clues spread all across a place, and all of them led to the destination.

Well, what happened next? We sat down to do the ground work while surveying the areas and writing clues that’ll make our folks rack their brains. So, finally on the evening of 31st, we all assembled on the lawn to begin our hunt for the treasure. The rules were discussed. The first clues were given. The internal jokes were cracked, and the teams rushed towards breaking the clues. It didn’t come as a surprise that every team worked together in solving the clues. While a few discovered the places effortlessly, a few had a tough time, but the main thing was that every one of us had fun collectively.

In the end, the ones that won the treasure hunt were Rupesh Nellore, Saleem, and Vishnu. On a rather fun note, we found this game refreshing and quite a fun way to end the year that passed by. In 2016, we are totally going to have more fun activities.