Why Your Organization Should Have an Internal Newsletter.

The changing times are here. Come 2016, more and more companies are enjoying the freedom of transparency within the organization. Over the years, several surveys have proved how employees wish to be a part of organizations with clear goals and expectations. But that’s not it. With changing times, organizations are also building ways to keep the employees more engaged and create a medium to openly appreciate and hold conversations with them.

So, how can an organization foster all of it together?

A well-crafted internal newsletter is your answer. When a company begins small, it is very easy to give and receive appreciation and keep a track of things on a regular basis. The fact that it has only a handful people makes it painless and straightforward. But as and when the company is scaling up, it needs a medium that engages all its stakeholders.

A little over a year ago, when we (Wavelabs) began our internal newsletter, we were pretty clear about our goal but quite unsure about the starting point. With at least 15 newsletters in our hat, we are still learning to improve with every issue. It doesn’t come as a surprise to us that when we finally sit down to create our monthly newsletter, there is always plenty to talk and discuss. We begin on the note of recognition and end it with the fun stuff. Needless to mention, celebrating milestones and new releases, building morale and tips for better performance are a part and parcel of the package.

Let’s get straight to the point now. How do you craft an engaging newsletter? First and foremost, it should address the employees and talk to them directly as the purpose behind its creation is — the employees only. While we are also shuffling and experimenting with diverse ways of creating newsletters, here’s a little something on how we do it customarily.

Ring the appreciation bells: No good work and great effort must go unnoticed. Expressing appreciation and inspiring to perform better are a few things that make the employees happy and more productive.

Discuss goals and visions: Oftentimes it becomes difficult to discuss the goals and visions with the employees through word of mouth. When it is written and read by everyone, it gradually grows into the employees’ DNA. If used well, the newsletter can be a strong tool to deliver the message from the management.

Create a sense of belonging: All work and no play makes even a geek a dullard. Which is why we need a section that talks about the personal achievements and milestones of employees. Surely a wide range of activities is held at every company and this space must display them too.

Set the right tone: What does your company do? What are its values? And what is its school of thought? Use the newsletter to your advantage to set the right tone for your employees to follow.

Keep everyone involved: Seek feedback, stories, and ideas from employees to understand what is it that they truly care or like to read. Implementing the feedback and creating articles around their ideas and stories creates a paramount of difference to the employees as they acknowledge being heard.

When done well, an internal newsletter can bolster productivity and the joy of creation within the organization. And just like an external newsletter, it is imperative to craft the internal one with an equal amount of commitment and clarity.

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