Trumpism is Here to Stay

The violence was a symptom

Photo Credit | CNN

Long after the Civil War, Southerners constructed statues paying homage to the Confederacy and its army. Black Americans saw this violence coming on the horizon. Southerners built Confederate idols to terrorize Black people, asserting white supremacy long after the conflict. They swung their flag — the Confederate Flag to assert their dominance. However, white Americans could not see the writing on the wall — apathy became their greatest downfall. Only once they see the Confederacy as the threat that Black people see can we ensure that the South never rises again.

Some call the incident we witnessed on January 6th a riot, an insurrection, an attempted coup, or an act of war. And, what people call the incident tells so much about how they view American history. For many conservatives, it was a riot — a protest that got a little out of hand. They try to treat the incident as a one-off because this narrative benefits their movement.

Those who view the incident as an insurrection acknowledge that intruders targeted this violence against our government. Those who see this as a coup undoubtedly notice the rhetoric of those who stormed the capital. One of the insurgents created a noose; it waited outside. For Black Americans, this served as a terrible reminder of the type of street justice that white people used. Witnessing this instrument for terror against our representatives is equally terrifying. Black Americans have traditionally relied on the Federal government to oppose Southern states’ extremities. Still, on this day, some of them searched the capital for Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence. And, while their ideologies are valleys apart, neither of them deserved to be hung by an angry, white mob.

I will never forget my fear for the Black capital officer as he ran for cover. He led intruders away from our representatives, preventing further violence. Americans will not forget his bravery. Oh, how Black people love this country despite the disrespect we face still boggles my mind. We believe in America even when America doesn’t believe in herself. And, I am afraid of what white-backlash awaits us in 2021.

Trumpism is here to stay because it is a symptom of the ongoing movement to maintain power in the hands of a few. As long as some Americans reject the importance of having a multiracial democracy, we will continue to see this movement rise. No matter what we call it, right-wing extremism is here to stay. Even Trump calling to end the violence may fail because this ball is already rolling down the hill.

Black Womanist — MS Psych EIC of Cultured ☕️🖊 Proud CoFounder of #WEOC🌍

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