Only Day Eggs Stand

Magic or Pseudoscience?

Ta-da! A natural phenomenon on Dragon Boat Festival

Who would have known that eggs can stand up on one particular day of the year. No gluetack, not magic. Just eggs you have for breakfast; no matter what color eggs — balance them on one end (trick is when the sun is strong, ie noontime) and they stand!

So the day eggs stand is on the day of the Dragon Boat (Tuen Ng) Festival, which falls on May 5th of the Lunar Calendar each year. [yesterday in Hong Kong]

My friend Istinna who has kindly allowed me to share her photos said it’s a childhood game popular in Taiwan. Aside from standing eggs, kids would float a needle on water.

Something to do with the sun and gravity — make needles float on May 5th of the lunar calendar.

Normally needles don’t float on water, but on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, it floats!

Weird. Something to do with the sun at its strongest and gravity. I wonder if any scientists/astrologists can shed light on this.

Istinna’s friends were like, “Does it matter what color the eggs are?” Here is to show it doesn’t. Brown eggs, white eggs both stand.

Special thanks to Istinna for the photos and the sharing.

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