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Demo: as a data integration tool with

It’s always nice when you see another team use your tool to build something cool, and that’s exactly what the guys over at have done. In their recent blog post, they demo how you can use hotglue as an easy to setup data integration tool, with In the demo, we see how we can use hotglue to create an ETL process that can pull data from Quickbooks and outputs to a PostgreSQL database. We can then connect this database seamlessly to populate our dashboard, given has a readily available PostgreSQL connector.

This can be an easy option for connecting new data sources to your dashboard, for which we don’t offer a native connector yet. Hotglue has a number of data sources to targets available (with more on the way it seems), and the built in Jupyter Notebook allows you to edit the ETL script for a data source straight from the hotglue interface.

Definitely a tool to keep an eye on. Have a look at some of their resources:



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Tuana Çelik

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