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4 min readAug 2, 2023

In this guide we will show step by step how to send an amount of CCD that we have purchased in an Exchange to our Concordium Wallet.

If you have not yet installed the Desktop Wallet you can learn how to do it here.

Currently, it is possible to buy CCD on the Exchanges: Bitfinex, Bitglobal, Mexc, AscenDex and Kucoin.

For this guide we will use Kucoin as an example, although the steps are similar for all Exchanges.

Table of Contents

· Copy the Desktop Wallet address
· Withdraw CCD from Exchange
· Confirm receipt of CCDs in the Wallet

Copy the Desktop Wallet address

One of the data you need to send the CCD balance to the wallet is the wallet address. To copy the wallet address, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Concordium Desktop/Browser Wallet and type the password.

▪️ Access the Accounts menu in the case of the Desktop Wallet:

Desktop wallet

▪️ In the case of the browser wallet, choose the button at the bottom of the page.

Browser wallet

2. Click on the Receive button:

Desktop wallet

▪️ It will request to connect to the Ledger:

▪️ Enter the Ledger password, and access the Concordium application, the message will appear on the Ledger: Concordium is ready.

▪️ At the same time, the following message will appear on the Desktop Wallet: Ledger Nano is ready!

▪️ Click on the Show and verify address button:

▪️ In the case of the browser wallet, the process is simpler and we only have to click on the Receive button.

Browser wallet

You can now copy the wallet address (below the QR) and access the Exchange to start withdrawing tokens.

Withdraw CCD from Exchange

All Exchanges have an area to transfer tokens to other wallets, in the case of Kucoin it is recommended that the tokens to be withdrawn are in the main account. To do this you must transfer the CCDs from the trading account, where you have purchased them, to the main account following these steps:

  1. Log in to the trading account and choose the corresponding token, in this case CCD, click on the Transfer option.

2. Indicate the amount of CCDs to be transferred and click on Confirm:

3. Access the main account and click on the Withdraw operation in the CCD balance:

4. In the next panel fill in the required data for token withdrawal:

- Select a coin: CCD Concordium

- Withdraw to: Wallet address (the Desktop Wallet address copied in the previous section).


- Amount: set the amount of tokens to withdraw (it is advisable to test with a small amount to see that everything works correctly).

5. Confirm the withdrawal by clicking on Confirm:

6. Verify the operation. In most of the exchanges you will need to perform a security verification, either by confirmation via email, 2fa, mobile…

7. All that remains is to wait a few minutes to receive the balance in the Desktop Wallet:

In Recent Withdrawals you can view the status of the operation:

Confirm receipt of CCDs in the Wallet

Log in to the Wallet and check that your new balance has been updated.

Desktop wallet
Browser wallet

Click on the Transaction log button to display the log of the transaction performed:

Desktop wallet
Browser wallet

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