How to Stake and Auto-compounding of Dymension with REStake

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4 min readFeb 20, 2024

Table of contents

· Introduction
· How to autocompund with REstake
· Modifica tu Restake


REStake is a tool for Cosmos networks that use the Authz feature, allowing validators to perform autocompound operations on behalf of users. This feature facilitates the automatic delegation of rewards from delegators, as well as having the option to limit tokens or adjust the expiration of the authorisation. REStake promotes secure and automated authorisation, terminating after one year but revocable at any time.

How to autocompund with REstake

⌘ To use the tool go to:

⌘ Choose the chain for REStake, in this case Dymension Hub:

⌘ Connect wallet (Keprl or Leap Wallet)

⌘ Approve the transaction:

⌘ Choose your validator:

In validator’s profile you will be able to see the REStake Frequency, the commission applied, among other data of their profile, click Stake to continue:

⌘ To perform a delegation, click on the Delegate button:

⌘ Choose the amount to stake in Amount and click on Delegate:

⌘ Confirm the transaction:

⌘ Once you have a delegated amount you can activate the REStake option:

You can set a limit amount for the REStake in Max ammount, or leave it with the value Unlimited, you can also set an end date for the REStake process in Expiry date. Once you have configured the data, click on Enable REStake:

⌘ Approves the transaction:

⌘ You will now be able to see the conditions of your REStake in the validator’s profile:

Modify your Restake

You can modify the properties of your Restake or disable it by clicking on the details of your validator in My Delegations:

⌘ In the stake tab click on the REstake button and then on Manage Grant:

You can modify different aspects such as Max amount, the maximum amount to redelegate or the expiry date, you can also click on Disable to stop Restake:

⌘ Click on the Update button and approve the transaction to modify the changes:

⌘ The tab will reappear with the changes made:

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