How to Stake and Auto-compund of NOIS with Yieldmos

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5 min readJul 20, 2023


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· Intro
· Delegate Nois on Yieldmos
· Auto-Compound NOIS


Yieldmos’ Auto-compound Staking Rewards feature allows users to maximise their earnings by automatically reinvesting staking rewards. Instead of simply accumulating rewards, this feature stacks them back into staking, thereby increasing the total amount of tokens in staking and potentially generating a higher return. In this way, users can benefit from compound interest without the need to manually perform staking operations.

The auto-compound feature in Yieldmos is highly customisable. Users can choose to modify the amount of rewards that are reinvested, allowing the allocation of only a portion of the rewards for automatic staking. This provides great flexibility in terms of managing staking rewards. In addition, to keep users up to date, Yieldmos offers the option to set up email alerts, which will notify users of any changes to their staking or when new rewards are generated.

This auto-compound feature makes the management of staking rewards more time-efficient, allowing users to focus on their long-term investment strategies.

Delegate Nois on Yieldmos

We will use the Yieldmos Dapp. Once inside, access the app by clicking on Launch App.

At the top, go to Chains and choose Nois:

Connect to the Dapp with the Keprl wallet, with the Connect Wallet button:

Confirm the connection in Kerpl. You will see your wallet identifier at the top, now go to the Delegate NOIS option:

Choose the validator to delegate your tokens with the Add Validator button:

Note: remember that a good practice to improve the decentralisation/security of the blockchain is to delegate to several validators, thus distributing voting power so that control of the network is well distributed and power is not concentrated in one or a few nodes.

Indicate the number of tokens to stake and click on Delegate:

Approve the contract in Keprl by clicking on Approve:

A message will appear confirming the operation:

Auto-Compound NOIS

Once you have delegated you can access the auto-compound advantages of Yieldmos. Go back to the main panel by clicking on Back:

Click on the Auto-Compound NOIS Rewards button:

You can change the number of tokens to be delegated or simply click on Skip:

If you have delegated to more than one validator you can use the — button to decide on which validators not to auto-compound. The rewards will be distributed proportionally among all the selected validators.

Click on Next:

You can also use the Use Fine Grained Allocation option, to decide what percentage of rewards you want to allocate to auto-compound, by default it will allocate 100% of the rewards:

Indicates the percentage of rewards allocated to auto-compound:

You can assign an email address to receive notifications and alerts about the selected strategy:

Click on the Confirm button and approve the Keplr contract:

That’s it! You can now see the strategy assigned to your stakeada delegation with Nois, you can modify it at any time by clicking on the Update button:

More information on the auto-compund and staking process at Yieldmos:

More information about Nois Network


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