Keplr wallet quick installation guide

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3 min readMay 26, 2023

Keplr is Cosmos’ most popular multichain wallet. It allows you to securely store, manage and interact with your digital assets and is available as a browser extension, mobile app or web application.

Table of contents

· Install Keplr
· Upgrade Keplr

Install Keplr

The following mini-guide aims to teach you how to easily install the wallet in your Chrome, Brave or Firefox browser and start using it immediately.

🔹Go to the official Keplr website:

🔹At the top choose the Extension option and then Install Keplr:

🔹Choose your browser, in our case Chrome:

🔹On the Keplr Chrome extension page that appears, click on Add to Chrome:

🔹Confirm the installation of the extension by clicking on the Add to Chrome:

🔹The wallet installation process will begin. On the first screen choose Create new account:

🔹As a new feature, Keplr now allows you to use a Google account as a backup.

Cumulo recommends that you continue to use the Recovery Phrase system and store it in a safe place:

🔹After reading the warning text click on I understood. Show my phrase:

🔹Choose the 24-word Recovery Phrase, and save it in a safe place. Click on the Next button:

🔹Type in an account name and enter a strong password, and the words of the seed phrase indicated:

🔹The next screen will ask you to choose the networks to start Keplr. Click on Save:

That’s it! You have just created your Keplr wallet!

Upgrade Keplr

To update the Keplr version, right-click on the Keplr extension and go to Manage extension:

Activate the Developer Mode option in the top right corner, an Update button will appear:

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