Another Look: Discord

A study on tweaking the voice communication app that keeps gamers happy

Tea Chang
Tea Chang
Jan 24, 2018 · 10 min read
Discord Desktop App post-tweaks

“It’s time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak.”

Taking a bite of the discord

What Discord looked like at the time of my study



Defining Wumpus

Wumpus , as a persona. The original Wumpus graphic was made by Discord.

Designing with the player in mind

I chose these dimensions knowing that Discord spends much of its time listening to user feedback in order to enhance and update their app.

1. Creating invites with unquestionable certainty

For good measure, I used both the icon to invite people and the text with the intention of possibly shrinking this button down for users who rarely invite more people in the future.

2. Reaching the friends list faster

The indicator next to the Friends List shows the number of friends online

3. Seeking out the server owner

In this case, although Stacey shows at the top of the list, she does not actually own the server.

4. Changing nicknames

These mini user profile cards appear when left clicking any user’s name anywhere in the app.

5. Mute Distinction

6. Bookmarking, not pinning

The Final Design

Happy players

Wumpus, the adorable Discord mascot

Building communities that champion your product

Cup of Tea

A sip of the user experience of new media