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Joining a New Firm Amidst a Pandemic

No matter how terrifying, new beginnings are always exiting. Even in a pandemic going on. Especially, in a pandemic.

Let’s put a few things on the table as they are, the pandemic has been difficult for all of us. Irrespective of your economic, social and mental backgrounds. We all have one or the other battle to fight and instead of belittling one against the other, let’s open our arms to all struggles, big or small, that are valid. While all is permissible and nothing stops, there are a lot of important events which took place regardless, for when is timing ever perfect?

Joining a firm is one which we are going to touch upon, today. In the long WFH quarantine of over six months, we have had more than a few people joining CupShup. While that has been for us, across the various companies and globe many people would have joined several firms, who instead of the first lunch with the team, first meeting in the office and first of the many office hangouts, experienced all their experiences in the blanket of a Zoom call.

While it might not necessarily be a bad thing, it is certainly new for all of us. For the old employees and the new employees. There is nothing hostile about the experience as such but the sheer novelty of it in the new normal work environment. But addressing the problem is just a part of it, being the creative innovators of change by nature, we thought, what are the ways in which we can make this better for all of us? And here are a few things which we found out.

There’s no right or wrong way to address this but the long and short of it is not far from figuring. From little things like a proactive assistance from the IT department to provide for the email and credentials, a warm induction, a collaborative task calendar, to the bigger and important things like developing and sharing a task calendar after a new hire’s training and on boarding sessions, defining short- and long-term goals, scheduling frequent check-ins to discuss upcoming projects, progress, and to resolve potential issues.

While all that is said a little consideration, a check on productivity which is differently hacked for each in the lockdown and thumb rules which are curated knowing your co-workers in mind and the pulse of your agency/ firm can go a long long way in making the new employees feel home, just how place we work at must!



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