Design and Prototype

Previous version interface:

Main page

Contacter page

Voice message page

Social media page:

New interface after iteration:

Added voice interaction feature

Added video message feature

Added reminder feature

Added personalized prompt feature

Refined all the sections

Notes: All the interaction should be mainly based on voice command. The following buttons are for visualization and also some hacking process which serves for showing the whole logic.

Main page:


Choose the contactor to call

Calling now

Video call on, users can choose whether use the video or not


Event adding request when the robots hears the events from user’s side

Event added into calendar

After the event being added, the robot will use voice to remind the user when the appointed time comes near.


Users can do two types of messaging

Proactive prompt before robot help to record video

Confirmation with user again on video recording

Main contactor page for choosing sharing targets

Video proof-reading and send

Voice message page

Social Media:

Preference setting when users use Curabot the first time

Daily activities / relevant topics according to users’ interest

SNS Post prompt from user’s pre-set friends and families

Post page which will be read out by robot

Form and material

Robot base

Robot frame


  • iRobot Create
  • Lenovo N22 80S6
  • iPad3
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Wood pieces
  • Logitech joystick
  • Paper for body


Version 1

This version was our very first prototype which can be divided into mainly three parts: the interaction screen, the frame and the robot base. The interactive program contained calling, messaging and social media as three main functions. The base was teleoperate through a wire connection with the laptop. The frame had no covering. And no voice interaction was included.

As the iterative design process going on, we found that the interaction contents and methods should be modified. For the interactive program, elderly people highly value the sense of being in presence when they communicate with others, but due to some reasons, they cannot often easily meet others. Therefore in this version, we highly valued the video interaction function and include video message. Also we found that the reminder function is essential to elderly people; therefore we add the reminder function.

As for the base, we make the wire control into wireless control so that we can control the robot more smoothly.

As for the body, we add the covering so that make CuraBot look nicer.