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CAROLINE SOLOMON: My name is Caroline Solomon and I am a native New Yorker with a degree in Psychology from Harvard University. Upon graduation, I became an NBC Page where I explored my interests in media and broadcasting. I then transitioned into editorial beauty writing at Lucky and Glamour Magazine. At Glamour, I created an Instagram account @Lowcheekbones as an outlet to parody the ridiculous makeup trends and tutorials I witnessed in the beauty industry. I have since expanded my account into DIY mash-ups of food, pop culture, and fashion. I have also started working with brands ranging from Tinder to IKEA to create original branded content.

C: How did you get started creating the work we see on your Instagram?

CS: I started my Instagram account two years ago while I was working as a beauty assistant at Glamour magazine. I was bored in the beauty closet and one day, I decided to take home one of the many pointless beauty products we received — this one was a razor extender that’s supposed to make shaving an easier process. I filmed myself shaving with it (the razor flew out of the holster thingy) and posted it to Instagram. I’ve been hooked on making videos ever since.

“Yeasy Cheese”

C: How has technology inspired you?

CS: Many of the products that I create are tech-inspired, and a lot of them poke fun at startup culture and the fact that there are so many useless tech gadgets floating around for endless consumption. I made a beer can drone (which makes for a cool but impractical beer delivery service), an automatic ketchup dispenser. Basically, many of my DIY videos are a reworking of existing tech gadgets that capitalize on their absurdity. But more broadly, technology has allowed me to tell a story that I wouldn’t be able to tell without tools like editing apps and Instagram video.

C: What kind of community are you speaking to through your work?

CS: I imagine my audience is a mix of artists, product designers, graphic designers, comedians, or more generally, anyone who is entertained by absurd visuals/fashions/food products. One item that seemed to generate a lot of entertainment was the La Crocs. I made these in the winter when it was rather dreary and bleak out. I splattered the signature La Croix paint on a pair of pink crocs and stuck some straws in the holes. This mashup really resonated with my audience because Crocs are ridiculous, and the hype around La Croix is also ridiculous.

C: What inspires you?

CS: Puns, weird reddit images, pop culture, the candy/food aisles at Rite Aid, crocs, and Key Foods.

C: What do you need to do your best work?

CS: I need sunlight and warm weather, and no text interruptions. My work/crafts always look best in outdoor lighting, and I am lucky to have a roof deck where I film all my videos. The downside to filming on my phone is that I can sometimes be easily disrupted by texts while I’m filming. To avoid these interruptions, I try and set my phone on airplane mode. Since I work alone, I also need good music handy to keep me feeling energized and motivated.

C: How do you challenge yourself to get better at your craft?

CS: I am constantly challenging myself to become a better video editor. How can I tell a story in a more seamless way? How can I make cuts faster without skimping on the story? And most important, how can I tell a funny story in a tiny window of time?

I also hope to keep the content fresh and novel, and one way to do this is through collaborations. I recently had my animator friend insert some animated “cardi bees” into a Cardi B themed video, which was neat. To me, better feels like constantly chipping away at the unnecessary bits of a video to create something that really flows. Kind of like polishing a stone.

C: What’s a project you are most excited about right now?

CS: Turning Capri Suns into a pair of capris. Very practical obviously. They might weigh as much a water tank, but they’ll keep your thirst quenched all summer long!

“Caprisun Capris”

C: When do you know a piece of work is finished?

CS: I will only know if a piece of work is finished if it has that catchy quality to it after I’ve paired it with a music track. If I find myself re-watching one of my videos over and over again in my editing app, then I know it’s finished.

C: Who is on the top of your playlist right now?

CS: The new A$AP Rocky album keeps me feeling pumped while I’m filming; Toro Y Moi for sunny vibes when I’m cleaning up from a shoot; and Empress of for when I’m frantically running around Brooklyn picking up craft materials.

C: Who are your favorite follows right now?

CS: @Noeloquence, @fuckadvertisements, @kein.

C: If you had more time, what would you be doing?

CS: If I had more time, I would turn my videos into a sketch-style series that had a character attached to my creations. I would love to inhabit a greater world beyond the one that exists on my roof. Kind of like Tim and Eric meets The Ali G Show.

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