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CURATED: Introduce yourself!

DOMINIQUE: All That Is She is a fun, creative, and innovative Instagram feed created by me, Dominique and my partner (in life and work), Dominic — yes, that’s right we’re both called Dom. What initially started as a hobby alongside our full-time jobs, quickly flourished into one of the most exciting and talked about feeds in the community, and now, the two of us cover a myriad of roles and professions — content creator, writer, influencer, photographer and photo editor — all in one. We continuously strive to create fresh content, to start trends and to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

C: How did you get started creating the work we see on your Instagram?

D: I initially started my account while I was on maternity leave with my youngest daughter, Penny. Back then it was much more fashion focused, and as with most newcomers, I was uncertain of where I wanted it to go and what I actually wanted to gain from it. When I decided to leave my outbound sales role in October 2015 due to childcare issues, it unknowingly became the most life-changing decision I’ve ever made. Dominic was already working as a freelance photo retouching artist, so alongside that, moving into and renovating our new home, and taking care of the kids, we poured all of our time into our account. We experimented with new ideas, different styles, and soon the All That Is She style that you see today was born.

C: How has technology inspired you?

D: Technology opens up so many opportunities and gives people the freedom to explore careers, hobbies or interests that without it would be difficult for them to do. Nothing feels out of reach anymore.

C: What kind of community are you speaking to through your work?

D: Since our feed covers such a broad range of styles — parenthood, creativity, lifestyle, sometimes food, and a little bit of travel — our audience is incredibly diverse. We don’t focus on one specific area and our feed has become a visual diary of our family’s life and journey; always changing. As a result, I never feel like I’m speaking to one specific community — more like having a good ol’ chat with many. I do find that a large portion of our audience are also parents, so often the conversations that seem to generate the most reactions, comments, DMs and advice are when we discuss raising two strong females (or, at least, trying to), funny stories about my daughters and general stories of parenthood.

C: What do you need to do your best work?

D: We can now sense when the creative bucket is running low. A year ago, we used to keep on trying, often becoming more and more frustrated, whereas now we know when it’s time to take a break. Our advice — take a few days or hours off from thinking or creating images, focus on other things and come back to it refreshed and geared up for another time.

Even 24 hours away can make all the difference.

C: How do you challenge yourself to get better at your craft?

D: Two years ago, we shot an image of my two daughters and me in matching Breton tops with matching top-knots. The image went viral, and soon this style of shot became #allthatisthree: a series of images we post weekly and are what we’re known for. These days, so many people have adopted a similar set-up and it’s so humbling to see. As a creator, knowing that your work has inspired others is truly amazing. So, I guess now, it’s finding another trend or another style of image that’ll ultimately be associated with our account. Asking ourselves “what could be our next trend — what series of images can we create that will soon be shared all over the platform?”.

We never want to get complacent or settle. We will always strive to beat our last image and always keep our audience’s interest spiked.

C: When do you know a piece of work is finished?

D: We’re incredibly lucky that we have two people working on this feed as we have an extra set of eyes looking at the end product. Sometimes Dominic sees something that I don’t pick up on and vice-versa. So, usually, if we’re both happy and we’re both excited to go and press publish, that’s when we know the work is finished. If there are any doubts, any feelings that something just isn’t quite right, then we know it hasn’t worked and that we haven’t quite reached the end result.

C: What’s a project you are most excited about right now?

D: We really enjoy taking on a project that is stereotypically presented one way, but then flipping it on its head and doing it another way. We’ve recently been involved in a number of campaigns where the end results would typically be just another product shot, the kind of advertising that you see in magazines and billboards, but instead we’ve experimented with Stop-Motion video, forced perspective photography, and human flat lays to bring a concept to life.

C: Who is on the top of your playlist right now?

D: The Black Keys, always.

C: What inspires you?

D: This job encourages you to see the world differently. Thanks to our #scenefromtheceiling posts, we need to see even the most basic and seemingly boring household objects for what they could be, not just for what they are. We now see things for all the possibilities they can offer us. So, I guess, our home, our kids, Instagram, whatever is in our kitchen cupboards; collectively, they all inspire us and the work that we produce.

C: Who are your favorite follows right now?

D: @doyoutravel and @kpunkka for the most exquisite travel and wildlife photography. @herinternest for her abundance of clever ideas and positivity and @kweilz for the humor.

C: If you had more time, what would you be doing?

D: We’ve been talking about writing a children’s book for ages now, so I think it may be time to clear the schedule and do it!

Watch Dominique’s interview with Instagram below.

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