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Diversity & Inclusivity: Our Mission

Sarah Hayley Armstrong
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3 min readJan 23, 2018


This post is part of our D&I series. For more information, please take a look at the Versett 2017 diversity report.

We want everyone at Versett to be comfortable bringing their entire selves to work every day, and that means taking action to create a diverse and welcoming workplace that’s ready for growth. Our industry faces a serious imbalance of representation, with systematic consequences for wealth and opportunity. We need to combat this inequality by intentionally creating a safe and connected environment for everyone to be themselves, grow as people, and build great products.

To us, diversity represents everything that makes us unique. Hiring team members from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances broadens the lens through which we experience the world, and influences all our work as a team, from the ways we communicate to the ideas we generate and the products we create. Our diverse perspectives enable us to be flexible and innovative and to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

Inclusivity is acceptance and affirmation of all our identities and situations; it means recognizing the value of all identities and offering accommodations for people of various backgrounds and experiences.

No one should feel unsafe or uncomfortable in their own skin — especially at work. Versett advocates for equality, supports employees where they need support, and shares successes with other companies in the industry. We work hard to ensure that under-represented groups have a seat — and an equal voice — at the table.

Celebrating diversity and inclusivity elicits different perspectives essential to problem solving, challenging the status quo, and creating truly innovative ideas and solutions. It allows us to connect more meaningfully to the myriad different ways that clients and users live their lives. A workplace based on awareness and informed empathy helps us promote collaboration, deepen our creativity, and build excellent products for a variety of businesses and users.

There is widespread discrimination in educating, hiring, promoting, paying, and funding marginalized groups. Bias for the White, straight, non-disabled man still dominates. 2017 was a year for raising awareness of the failures of diversity and inclusion. 2018 is our chance for action. Versett is committed to creating and implementing best practices for both our internal team and our client facing operations. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Please reach out to continue the discussion — we’d love to hear from you on Twitter or you can email us.

📊 View our 2017 Versett Diversity Report

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