4 Ways to Combat Negative Thinking About Work

Our work contributes a significant portion of our lives. Let’s make sure it’s a positive portion.

Elaine C.
Curated Careers


Photo by Apex 360 on Unsplash

As someone who’s dedicated most of her professional life to understanding work, careers, and employment, I feel more aware than most of how impactful these things are on our sense of self, identity, and overall happiness.

I don’t say that to sound superior, but my work in this sector began with helping individuals who had been unemployed for two years or more get back into work. It was often a stressful job, but more than that, it was extraordinarily emotionally rewarding. Having someone come to you and say ‘you’ve changed my life’ and ‘I feel like a person again’ because you supported and championed them back into the workplace was a real eye-opener for how incredibly vital work is for helping us to feel, well, all kinds of things. Valued and of value, a contributor, purposeful, pride: even when the job is a stepping stone or temporary pathway to something else.

Yet despite knowing this, and despite loving my job then and loving my job now, I’ve definitely had more than my fair share of days when I’ve felt blergh about the whole damn thing.

For many of us, even when we adore our jobs, there are days when we feel flat…