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Crowdsourcing tips and ideas for digital diplomacy

Let’s create a collaborative ecosystem for diplomacy

10 things only Bristolians visiting London will understand

Inspired by the UsVsTh3m post :)

  1. You thought your accent was barely noticeable, but to people in London…

The myth of the brainstorming session

Why you can’t schedule creativity

Over dinner a couple months ago, one of my friends said he needed some help coming up with…

Why I Stopped Being a Grammar Snob

(And why you probably should, too)

I used to be a proud grammar snob. I secretly reveled in my schadenfreude when people muddled…

How Does The Syrian Civil War End?

Not for a long time, and not through political pressure alone

The Syrian regime is under the world’s glare, and it’s…

An open letter to Social Media 

Social media strategy is nearing its standardization as a skill-set. Without reinvention, I believe the role of the social strategist…

Facebook Premium

Now that I use Facebook more regularly, I started having some ideas for the service—here’s one.

Government Builds Free Cloud-Based Backup for an Ungrateful Nation

Bewildered Administration Fights “Senseless” Outrage

Why Yesterday’s Military Coup was Good for the Future of Democracy in Egypt 

There is plenty of joy on the streets of Cairo today, but doom and gloom pronouncements are coming from a substantial number of Egypt watchers in the West. While their hesitancy to cheer a military coup is understandable, it is ultimately misplaced. Critics of the coup fail to recognize the legitimate…

Star Trek and the shiny, boring future

Futurism is dead in cinema, and tech companies can’t save it

Walking out of the new Star Trek, a friend of mine told me he wished the movie made an effort to show off what the future of today could look like, rather than the future of the ‘70s. I stopped for a second and realized that when you take out all the space…

Vine™ has a wall to climb

A framework for online photo sharing

Successful video sharing has been something of a unicorn – mostly because unsuccessful video sharing…

There soon will be no “offline”

In the near future, even Luddites will be tracked and all their actions quantified. The only option is to create defensive laws and…

3 Social Media Marketing Lessons from Turkey’s Protests

Back in 2011, we've noticed for the first time the huge impact of Social Media in the overthrow process of a country's…

Ignore the news

Why I gave up listening to mainstream news so I could concentrate on things that matter

Brazilian view on FIFA World Cup 2014

How things can go miserably wrong

On October 30, 2007, Brazil was officially announced as host nation for FIFA World Cup…

PhD or No PhD?

The question I’m finally learning to answer

People ask me all the time. I usually tell them the following:

  1. It really depends on what you want to do in the future. If you want to be a professor, get a PhD; otherwise, don’t.
  2. It is a very important decision because you will invest five-to-seven of the best years of…

Teens aren’t abandoning “social.” They’re just using the word correctly. 

Advertisers are perplexed and a little angst-y.

I know this, because I work in advertising. Wait. Don’t stop reading because I admitted that. This isn’t about advertising. It just happens to start there.

“Teens Are Leaving Social Media in Droves Oh My God We’re…

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