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Diversify the audience for your Medium stories

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Part of the homepage of ManyStories when signed in. By Grace Mary Power, October 2023

ManyStories is a website or online platform where you can share all your stories, regardless of where they are published. ManyStories is a place where writers grow their audience and readers discover stories.

The ManyStories website comes under the “umbrella” of Penname.

Penname is a platform of integrated websites dedicated to content distribution and discovery. It was designed, developed and produced by Lincoln W Daniel.

A great benefit of ManyStories is that the site has relatively high domain authority, and can be a great way to improve the search results associated with your author name or story titles.

It is easy for Medium writers to use ManyStories to further the distribution of particular stories or even all of their stories that they publish on Medium (with tact). Here are the steps.

  1. Create an account by using your Google Account or an email address.
  2. Edit your Profile page to make it appealing to readers. Click on “Profile” under your Avatar (the round picture) at top right.

3. Visit ManyStories many times to familiarize yourself with the platform.

4. Share your story by pasting the link to your story in the box below the text “Share your story.” Options for Yes or No to authorship will then pop up after pasting or typing in the URL. Tick the radio button next to Yes to indicate that you are the author of the story being shared, if you are.

Screenshot showing how to paste in an URL or link to your story. Provided by GMP

5. Type in one or more keywords into the Tags area to facilitate searching and finding your story title. Type in a word and press the Tab key.

The information and instructions in this guide are current as of October 2023.

Keep in mind that ManyStories may operate differently with different browsers or browser settings. For example, using Mozilla Firefox you can scroll through the Featured stories. But when using Internet Explorer, there’s no scroll bar for…



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Boosting and Writing Matters

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