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Four Ways to Save Time on Learning Development with elearis®

The Curator Team
Apr 4, 2019 · 4 min read

The simple yet powerful course content creation and management solution enables Instructional Designers, Corporate Trainers, and Professors to create and launch engaging, mobile-optimized learning content faster and more easily.

A study by the Association for Talent Development reports that instructional design teams spend an average of 42 hours to design and develop just one hour of passive eLearning instruction. As the level of interactivity is raised, the amount of development time required only increases — lessons asking learners to respond to simple instructional cues raise the average to 71 hours, while complex interactions involving multiple and varied responses require an average of 132 hours.

What does the lack of time mean for learners/employees?

Clearly, it takes time to design and launch learning experiences that are meaningful, engaging, and effective. From the perspective of the Corporate Learner, LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report states that 94% of employees would stay at a company if it invested in their learning and development, yet the number one reason employees feel held back from learning is because they don’t have the time.

Statistics like these motivated us to identify elements of the learning development process that can be streamlined with the help of modern technology and a rethinking of the user experience.


Enable extremely rapid learning development.

Where does elearis fit in?

(1.) elearis lets Instructional Designers, Corporate Trainers, and Educators meet their learners where they are.

LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report suggests that “If employees can’t find the time to learn, reduce the friction. Meet them on platforms they’re already using with messages that align to their on-the-job needs and professional aspirations.”

As for Higher Ed, a joint study by the Learning House, Inc. and Aslanian Market Research reports that nearly 67% of college students use smartphones or tablets to complete online coursework.

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An example of a learning module created with elearis®

elearis saves learning development time by allowing users to create, preview, and launch responsive lessons that are automatically optimized for any mobile device. These lessons can also be made accessible to an unlimited number of learners both online and offline — enabling instructional designers, trainers, and professors to meet learners where they are, even in the absence of an internet connection.

(2.) elearis removes the need for programming knowledge

While instructional designers and trainers in the corporate learning environment will be masters in creating and developing effective learning programs and experiences, the common workflow requires many to rely on Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to author and refine the required content. Likewise, while instructors in Higher Education will know the required course material, it is perfectly reasonable that many professors would not be considered as especially proficient in coding.

In short, few of us are experts in everything. Individuals who create learning experiences rely on a variety of sources for learning content: third-party publishers, internal SMEs, contracted external SMEs, open-source materials, and more.

elearis makes it easier for anyone to create and publish materials for learning, regardless of their technical proficiency. The tool features a simple interface that lets users select from a range of 13 different Learning Cards before visually organizing lessons with drag-and-drop functionality.

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A glimpse of the elearis® Timeline, for use in learning content creation

(3.) elearis streamlines collaboration and sharing of learning assets

In a helpful article from, Robert Bogue warns that “Too many learning projects are started with a single SME who is subject to his or her own biases, which ultimately are projected into the training in inappropriate ways. The best way to minimize this problem is to rely on multiple SMEs to feed in their collective views of what’s important and what’s critical.”

The potential catch here is that while the contribution of multiple voices makes the children’s game of telephone fun to play, designing effective learning experiences requires a more organized form of collaboration.

elearis features a built-in learning content management system, known as curator®, that enables companies and institutions to easily organize, share and collaborate on content. Learning assets may be indexed according to subject matter, media type, location of use, or date of creation. In addition, users have the option to update learning assets in one location and automatically reflect the changes throughout the entire content library.

The result is a system that lets users easily collaborate on learning development and deliver completed lessons faster.

(4.) elearis offers seamless integration with all major Learning Management Systems

elearis lets users build once and launch to all leading systems, enabling instructional designers, trainers, and professors to embed content directly within the LMS, or simply publish via web browser and downloadable apps.

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elearis® offers seamless integration with all major Learning Management Systems

The mission in developing elearis was to save time for those responsible for creating and managing learning content. The driving philosophy is that by reducing the amount of time spent in the development process, organizations and institutions will have more time to focus on what matters most—delivering effective and engaging experiences that embrace the needs of the modern learner.

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