Curators Weekly #75

Problem-solving, Greece explained and leap seconds

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1. (2, 4, 8)

Can you guess the rule behind this numbers? Don’t worry if you, like me, do not like math. Give it a try, you will be surprised.

The unexpected outcome shows how politics, the corporate world and all of us think and why no one likes to be wrong.

Quick puzzle to test your problem-solving

2. Greece explained

Greece is falling apart, and the European Union is in danger.
If you couldn’t catch up the news and you’re too embarrassed to ask someone what is happening, “Vox” and I got you covered:

9 Questions you were too embarrassed to ask about Greece11 things you need to know about Greece12 charts explain the Greece crisis

+ a thought-provoking solution: The case for a United States of Europe

3. Leap Second Paradox

You heard about leap years, those years when February extends to 29 days instead of the usual 28. Well, we do the same thing with seconds.

Last Wednesday, July 1, computer systems and global clocks were busy adding one additional second to our time. There have been 26 of those leap seconds in history. Why we’re doing this and why we should stop doing this explained by quartz.

The origin of leap seconds

4. Iceland

Ever wanted to visit Iceland?
Callie Wheeler’s travelogue from her trip to Iceland is a beauty.
Stunning pictures, great adventures and some selfies.
In the midst of the European heatwave, looking at her pictures is like a cold shower. You’re welcome.

Iceland Adventure

5. Movie Architecture

Federico Babina is an illustrator and movie lover. He imagines how Architecture would look like if built in the style of famous Movie directors

Architecture of Famous Directors

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