I love decorating with paper for the holidays. Not only is it inexpensive, it can make a big impact without too much effort and it’s easy to change up, recycle or pack-down once the big day is over.

I created some downloadable pyramid boxes that you can print out and use to dress up your walls this Halloween. These little boxes also have a few other handy uses which I’ll show you at the end of the post — click through for all the details!


Step 1

Download the Halloween pyramid box printable and print it onto white A4 card.

With a ruler and bone folder, score along all the dashed white lines in the printable and also score at every place where two colours meet.

For each pyramid box you’ll score 6 lines in total.

Step 2

Once you’ve scored all the lines in the printable, cut out the pyramid box with a pair of scissors.

Step 3

Fold along all the lines you scored in Step 1.

Step 4

Cut a length of string and attach it to the inside of your pyramid box with a piece of tape.

Step 5

Apply pieces of double-sided tape to each of the tabs on your pyramid box.

Step 6

Assemble the box by peeling the backing from the double-sided tape and sticking the tabs down.

Start by sticking the coloured (non-black) tab on each box to the orange triangle on that box.

(i.e. for the ghost box, stick the blue tab to the orange triangle; for the skull box, stick the pink tab to the orange triangle; and for the moon box, stick the purple tab to the orange triangle)

Step 7

Then fold the side of the box with the two black tabs inward and stick those tabs in place so that you form a pyramid. Make sure the string is hanging out before you stick down those last two tabs!

Then it’s just a matter of attaching these little guys to the wall you’d like to decorate!

I stuck mine straight onto my living room wall using washi tape and I added some streamers in similar colours.

But you could also attach them to a piece of dowel to create a wall hanging. Or you could tie them to an embroidery hoop to make a proper mobile!

And don’t forget these boxes have many uses that aren’t just decorative.

For starters, you could fill them with candy to give out to trick or treaters. Or they could serve as favour boxes for your Halloween party. Or perhaps they could even be little ‘trick’ boxes — ones that look like gifts but contain rubber spiders, plastic severed thumbs and the like.

If you’d like to use them this way, just forgo the string and you’ve got yourself some nifty boxes for all kinds of Halloween fun!

This post originally published at Curbly.com.