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Jul 4, 2019 · 4 min read

4 Ways The Right Workout Gear Can Enhance Your Performance

Okay, picture this: you’ve just started working out, so you throw on any old t-shirt and a pair of comfy tracks and hit the gym. There, you see a bunch of regulars in sleek pants and fitted tops, looking like they came straight out of a magazine. Ever wondered why? Maybe you already know the answer, or you’ve never really thought about it, but there’s a reason regular athletes wear the kind of clothes they do. Performance gear is designed to work with your body so that you have the most comfortable and effective workout experience. So what makes performance gear different from plain old t-shirts and tracks?

Here are four basic differences:

1. The Fit

Have you ever worn something that’s a little too loose or too tight during a strenuous workout? It can really affect your performance, and can even have you spending more time adjusting your clothes than actually working out. But if you had clothes that fit you perfectly, moved and stretched when you wanted them to, and didn’t slip or bunch or pinch, then you’d be able to focus on doing your best. That’s where high-quality design can really make a difference. In fact, wearing well-made workout gear can almost feel like you’re working out in a second skin, not to mention that some items are even designed to make you look fitter!

2. The Fabric

There’s only so much a good design can do if the material that’s used doesn’t work well too. And that’s where performance fabrics come in. Designed to be super-flexible, yet super-strong, these materials can withstand anything from cardio to crossfit. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill lycra-infused cotton tights — workouts are demanding in a way that regular tights just can’t handle, and they need fabrics to match.

Material that’s made for workout gear is usually designed with a high elastane content, which makes it smooth to the touch, as well as stretchable and comfortable. Another key component of these fabrics is their ability to wick away moisture, keeping you sweat-free through the most strenuous of your workouts. In fact, cultsport gear has its very own patented fly-dry technology to help with just that. The material is also designed to be anti-microbial, which means you never have to worry about a nasty rash cropping up when you least expect it.

3. The Trims and Techniques

While the fit and fabric of workout gear is something that’s more technical in nature, small details like trims (things like zippers or extra design elements) can really take a garment’s aesthetic up a notch. Simple things like a rubberized zipper puller can make for a really comfortable experience. Imagine lying down on a metal zipper and having it poke you during your workout! Premium sportswear, like the kind made by cultsport, uses bonded seams, flat seams, and seamless fabric instead of stitching to reduce chafing while a person is running or training. These seams are usually fused together using heat or a special glue, so that there’s no annoying raised stitches to irritate the skin. No stitching also makes these fabrics significantly lighter, which means you’re not carrying around any unnecessary weight!

4. The Design

Wearing a flattering and attractive outfit not only boosts your confidence, it can even help you push yourself to perform better! And that’s why, from cultsport’s code collection, with its futuristic motifs, to its indigo jacquard collection, which features deep blue hues and self-print fabrics, each of the brand’s pieces is designed to be completely unique. The brand’s proprietary designs are made to stand out and include small yet significant details like reflective trims for added visibility and safety and tactile prints for a fun and unique twist to the design. It’s these little details that make a piece truly interesting, and make people want to choose them so they can stand out too.

All in all, performance wear is carefully designed to ensure that everyone can have the best workout experience — whether that means they look good, feel good, or both! So, if you’re looking to take your workout to the next level, why not invest in a few pieces that’ll give you the boost you need?

Ready to upgrade? Check out the entire cultsport collection here.

Written by Nrithya Randhir, with inputs from Gautham Govindan and Shubhankit Raina

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