As branding consultants, we know continued innovation is the key to keeping your business relevant, because it’s staying relevant to your customers that helps grow your connection with them. Pretty basic really. The only tricky part, as a brand, is realising that innovation means more than a new product line — it includes the fundamental ways in which you operate as a business.

With this in mind we can’t help but ponder the current political climate — the reemergence of nationalism, the expansion of the far right and the faint whiff of fascism to the shores of democracy — and why?

Disillusionment is one easy answer. The people of the world are quite simply fed-up and want something new. And maybe that’s in part true. But maybe more wholly true is the the way in which those political organisations leaning towards the right, and harbouring nationalistic views, have innovated themselves to utilise social technologies and take their messages directly to their audiences. Systematically targeting them in places where they listen, telling them things that they want to hear. And thus creating a connection — finally somebody that understands, they scream. Put very simply, it’s now easier and cheaper to create a mass following than ever before.

Thus, perhaps democracy has just been caught napping. A corporate giant that’s allowed itself to become complacent and bloated. Rooted to centuries’ old thinking, and like any business that has failed to innovate and keep itself relevant, it has lost connection with its audience. Now on the back-foot it’s desperately trying to regain its position.

In branding terms, it’s never too late, but the intention needs to be genuine, the actions sincere and the people bringing them forward need to be smart — work iteratively, learn, and include those that will be affected — is the basic idea. Beyond this — don’t be afraid of making things simple.

For example: need a new president? Why not try a good old fashioned recruitment ad. The result might not be as silly you expect!


Most powerful person in the world. Successful candidate will demonstrate: Strong leadership qualities. As a skilled negotiator and natural relationship builder you will inspire and extract the best from others. A humanitarian by nature and considered in your decision making, you’re a selfless giver driven by the greater good. Knowledge and understanding of world affairs an advantage. Previous experience not essential. Power hungry narcissists need not apply.


Long hours.

Disproportionate salary.

Invasion of privacy.

Daily criticism/ridicule.

Potential for greatness.

Genuine opportunity to make a difference.

Spacious accommodation.

Personal staff and cavalcade.

Private jet.

Apply c/o Democracy