We’re always curious to note behaviours and trends that seem to go against logic, which is why we were interested to stumble across some TV advertising figures out last week in the UK. According to these figures, and as you might expect, traditional advertisers, like the heavy spending food industry, are switching their focus to digital channels. A fact that saw them reduce TV spending by 10% last year. And a trend that supports the notion that TV as a relevant communication channel is in decline. BUT, fear not TV lovers, in an ironic twist television appears to have a saviour in online and digital services. That’s right, the very services/brands primarily responsible for driving TV to its demise are increasingly turning their attention to TV as a relevant way of getting their messages across. Bolstered by an 8% rise in expenditure, online businesses are now the biggest spenders on TV advertising in the UK. And according to the published researchers (thinkbox.tv) this surge is due to TV’s ability to create wide-reaching emotional connections.

What, we find our oursleves thinking, does this mean for the future of TV advertising? Well, we’re not exactly sure but it could mean there is a future, and it might very well be an emotional one.