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5 Effective Habits of Awkward and Miserable People

Researchers say these are the symptoms to notice.

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This is a fact that many of us live life as it is, like a sleepwalk through life, with a motive to earn a living and totally unaware that we’re not happy at all. The life we are living is doing 9 to 5 jobs, have promotions, raise your family, and thinking of your retirement.

But truthfully told, we’re awkward and miserable.

Here are the five most common habits of unhappy people. If you exhibit these habits, it's time to restart and bring some positive changes in your life that bring joy and happiness.

1. You Afraid of Failure

Happy people live every second of their life — it doesn't matter what happen yesterday. Unhappy people are afraid to try and stop themselves to live.

For instance, happy people work on themselves to build a healthy and happy relationship by staying in touch with friends and family. Keep participating in small activities and picking up new habits that bring them joy.

Unhappy people, on the other hand, don't want to try new things due to fear and thinking about the future desperately which kills their present. You feel a lack of self-confidence, prefer to sit back and wait for life to happen to you instead.

If you feel any resistance or hesitation when it comes to continuous improvement or tries different or new things, put questions. What makes you hold back? Why that feeling doesn't allow you to live your life? If it's fear or a feeling of getting distractions, try to meet your fear halfway. For example, you try new things on weekends like swimming, ten -minute walk or taking a dancing class.

2. You Find Excuses to change.

A month ago, I traveled from Dubai to my home town and on the same day I have to attend my friend’s birthday party, I felt lazy and tired from the flight and don't want to go, but I go. So why was I doing it?

Laziness and tiredness are excuses for me not to attend the party. I don't let these excuses to hinder my happiness and my friend’s happiness too.

When we’re unhappy, we look for ways out of anything that might take slightly more energy than we think we have. You don't take chance on anything unnecessary, because your negatively corrupted mindset makes you look for the way it could go wrong instead of anticipating happiness.

If you notice that you’re not doing things that you really enjoy when you were happy, put questions. What’s really going on? Do you genuinely not want to do it, or are you looking at it from a negative perspective?

Even if you don’t find an answer or you don't feel up to it, find one excuse to do a task rather than finding excuses not to do it and prove yourself that you still love doing things.

3. Not Showing a feeling of Gratitude for Anything.

This feeling of not showing gratitude comes when we are focusing on the things that we don't have. This is one of the biggest traits of being awkward and miserable.

Unhappy people don't have any capacity to feel gratitude, whether it's for an act of kindness or the beauty of nature. You’re anticipating bad things to happen and you’re not in the right mindset to appreciate when unexpected good things happen. You will find negative connotations for the same.

Happy people are always grateful and have a feeling of gratitude towards the ups and downs of life. Either they are being grateful for what they have or they are grateful that whatever is the situation, good or bad, it makes them stronger and better from inside.

It’s hard to be grateful when everything doesn't work out as per your plan and you feel dismal and dejected. But simply recognize it as a great place to start over again. Choose one thing per day — write it down everywhere or to the most frequent parts of your home where you visit and say it aloud. Try to focus on what you have instead of worrying about what you don't.

This feeling of gratitude and being grateful helps you to heal your pain and push you to come out from your reasons to be unhappy.

4. Living in the Future and Destroy Present.

This kind of mindset that, sacrifice your present to have a great future, is a myth. You are actually destroying your present to have the same future because your daily actions define your future not just worrying and thinking about the future.

The truth is that you’re borrowing trouble, which by the time is being compounded. It's not a healthy way of living.

Unhappy people are always looking for ways things are getting worst. This is because they are anticipating potential problems.

Happy people are capable of living every moment of their life to the fullest. They are not afraid of taking risks every day because they live life as it's your last day.

If you notice that you are not meeting your everyday tasks, push yourself forward. A satisfied every day feeling helps to achieve happiness. Try to experience joy in the everyday moment of your life.

5. You are resisting yourself to be accountable.

Unhappy people will never admit that they did something wrong. They know from inside that they did something wrong but unable to admit it. If you’re feeling bad to accept the mess-ups that are done are your fault, then you are unhappy.

This is because you open the door to more bad feelings and you don't want to feel shame. It might happen that accepting and making yourself accountable will make you a different bad person altogether.

Happy people make themselves accountable for every situation, what makes them different is that they analyze the mess-ups they create and try not to do in the future, which gives them the satisfaction that they never lost a war, either they win or they learn.

Try to adopt a learning and never give up attitude which will give you more happiness.

Being Unhappy and feeling lonely is exhausting. So stop being the same and especially when society tells you to follow the same old principles in order to be happy but you’re still unhappy.

Do you what you feel right. Spend time with friends and family helps you to gain strength and the ability to try new things and able to take risks that hinder your intentions.

If you’ve noticed any one of these symptoms, you can make efforts to change it. I know it's not easy and hard to change, but it's worth it.




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