7 Overlooked Signs You’re Living an Extraordinary Life

2. You’re slightly embarrassed by your past

Barry Davret
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6 min readAug 20, 2020


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A former mentor of mine once diagnosed why I felt so disgusted with my life. At the time, my net worth hovered close to zero, but he claimed that money had little to do with my self-loathing.

It made sense. A few years earlier, I had been swimming in cash, and still felt unsatisfied. My mentor described my issue as the “little bit more obsession.” The self-talk that accompanies it should sound familiar, even if you’ve never spoken it.

I don’t want much, I just want a bit more.

For most of my life, I measured my self-worth by shallow metrics like income, job title, possessions, and zip code. But even when I hit some of those targets, my mentor’s assessment proved right. When I got what I wanted, I always craved just a bit more.

It would take another ten years to learn the lesson, but I realized that living an extraordinary life has nothing to do with your job title, bank account, or how much fame you achieve.

It’s these seven qualities that define an extraordinary life, and if you live by a few of them, you’re doing damn well.

1. You’ve made or kept a character commitment.

Friends used to describe me as a great starter but a poor finisher. I tended to drift from ambition to ambition, embarking on new ventures with unbridled excitement, only to lose interest at the first roadblock. But five years ago, I changed my approach to life.

It began when I reacquainted myself with my love of writing. To ensure I’d stick with my passion, I made a character commitment.

A pledge you make to yourself to do something every day, forever, that defines your character and individuality — character commitment.

In the last five years, I’ve made two of these commitments: writing and piano playing. Together, these two passions have brought me fulfillment and meaning.

Even if you’re not familiar with the term, you may have taken a similar path. If you’ve pledged…



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