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Death Hits Differently When You’re the Victim and The Murderer

But sometimes, even death has a silver lining.

jail cell in which I imprisoned myself, chained to an idea of what my career should be, before killing that dream and igniting a new one
Photo by MARCIN CZERNIAWSKI on Unsplash

“But he’s okay, right?” I can still feel the lump in my throat rise and the involuntary tears welling up behind my eyes, as my pulse speeds up like it was yesterday. But it wasn’t. I was 20, in college, and I didn’t need to hear the answer to “he’s okay, right?”. I don’t think we…




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Rachel Greenberg

Rachel Greenberg

Wall Street Investment Banker → Entrepreneur & Startup Consultant. “Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2020” Yahoo Finance. CEO of Beta Bowl. Mom of 3 furbabies ❤

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