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Hanne De Jaegher. Loving and Knowing: Reflections for an Engaged Epistemology (2018)

A Systems Library, Vol. 15

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Only societal arrangements that make room for intense collective learning offer a long-term horizon for Homo Sapiens Sapiens on this planet.

The core of De Jaeger’s argument is the observation that we are constantly doing ‘participatory sense-making’. This means that we always approach the world — with its inexhaustible supply of human and non-human entities — from our basic posture, in which certain things appear as meaningful and necessary for our survival, and others simply play no role.

‘Letting be’ is not an indifferent laissez-faire, but a sensitive search process in which we constantly try to keep our own being and the other’s being in a generative balance. De Jaegher: “This is the fundamental tension of loving and knowing; it is the fundamental tension of letting-be.”

“We can only understand knowing when we understand how essential it is to engage in interactions. How it makes relational knowers. That is why I bring love, knowing and thinking together here. Because we only understand knowing when we understand loving. That is where our deepest, most transformative and most essential interactions are.”



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