How to Stop Wasting Time on Facebook With One Simple Trick

Because we all know you’ll never delete it.

Nate Miller
Sep 18, 2020 · 5 min read
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or years you’ve considered deleting your Facebook, but you still open the app every single day to see what’s going on.

Is it because you wanna keep in touch with friends and family? Or do you use it for business? Maybe you’re in art groups you just can’t live without?

All of us have at least one excuse to fool ourselves, but the only thing we really come back for are the memes. Yeah, I said it.

You might think “a little scroll won’t hurt!” but how often does that little scroll turn into a big scroll? The problem is no matter how long you scroll it’s never gonna be enough. Time flies and before you know it you’re in the middle of a political argument that ruins your whole day. Goodbye productivity.

Your intentions are great! You wanna stay off of Facebook, but you just can’t make it happen. You try to close the app but your muscle memory opens it back up before it can even close. Every time.

Social media has become a trap for a lot of us, so there’s no need to beat yourself up for it. It’s just a bad habit, but I found a way to interrupt it. An ingenious way.

So how do you stop wasting time on Facebook? Simple, you just log out.

Beware of convenience

My job used to be a few streets away from my house. Between here and there is a 7-Eleven convenience store.

As an excellent budget and waist size demolisher, it would’ve been logical for me to skip going to 7-Eleven as much as possible, but in reality, I couldn’t make it a single day without buying ten-plus dollars of unnecessary garbage. It’s so easy, they’re right there, and if you’d only drop in for a single solitary minute of your day you too can get your ticket to paradise. Oh, thank heaven.

Yes, I was paying hundreds of dollars a month to gain major poundage all because it was an easy way to get something that might make me feel good for the briefest of moments before work, but something that on occasion caused lengthy bathroom breaks.

Well, I’m here to tell you: the convenience isn’t worth it in the long run.

And hoo-boy! Facebook has made itself way too convenient, hasn’t it? You’re always logged in, so you never have to worry about wasting your time typing in a password. Nevermind that being logged in will inevitably waste more time than entering your password ever will.

On top of that, the evil genius Mark Zuckerberg cemented his diabolical control over you by helping you log in all across the web using Facebook. He made it easier to log in everywhere, which makes it harder for you to log out.

How convenient.

Always being logged in is bad, mmkay?

Do you remember The Game meme?

It was basically a mind game the internet played for a while, where you were supposed to avoid thinking about the phrase “the game” at all times. As soon as you think about “the game” you’ve lost. Whenever you were online during this period you were constantly under assault by practical jokers who wanted to trick you into reading variations of the expression “you just lost the game.” Good times.

That’s basically what it’s like to stay logged into Facebook. As soon as you think about using Facebook you’ve lost the game. Sometimes you don’t even need to think about it, your muscle memory just whisks you away to that stupid little f logo. New and exciting things flash on your screen and any powers you might have had to prevent the scroll from happening are long gone.

Always being logged in to an app that makes you lose self-control is a bad thing. This means the more barriers we can add between you and that wicked app are a good thing.

Logging out of your devices

So you’ve decided that I’m right, staying logged in is bad, and you’d like to log out? Great!

The problem is you’re logged into Facebook on 37 different devices with 19 different browsers and you have to log out of all of them.

Well, you can thank your lucky stars because there’s an easy solution. Follow these instructions exactly:

Log into Facebook, ignore the home page, fail, remember what you were supposed to be doing, actually ignore the home page, go to Settings, then Settings & Privacy, then Security and Login, find the section titled Where You’re Logged In, click See All, scroll to the bottom, and click Log Out Of All Sessions. Confirm that you want to log out and you’re done!

You’ll be logged out of all sessions except for the one you’re currently logged into.

Now log out of that one. Come on, you can do it!

Congratulations, you have officially created one barrier to using Facebook.

Important things to remember

You have correctly chosen to stop wasting time on Facebook using my super-secret never before seen simple trick of logging the heck out. Now you have one extra level of resistance to help you in your quest to use Facebook more intentionally.

It’s okay if you occasionally try to log in when you aren’t planning to, because you’ll quickly realize you’re logged out and need to enter your password to log in again. What was that password anyway?

This moment of interrupt gives you a brief chance to remember your decision to stay off of the app and use it more intentionally. “Oh yeah, I logged out because I’m not supposed to check Facebook until after my work is done for the day, so get back to work you chucklehead!” you might say to yourself. Trust me, you’re going to do this a lot in the beginning, but over time you’re going to build better habits.

Another thing you can do is delete the app from any mobile devices you carry around and only use Facebook on a PC. Don’t feel bad for not deleting your entire Facebook account though. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to use Facebook and the key to using it productively is to be able to control your use.

Lastly, the most important thing to remember if you want this system to be successful for you is to log out after you’re done with your intentional Facebook session, because if you don’t, you just lost the game.


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Nate Miller

Written by

Artist and blogger. I help people bring more art into the world:



A community of people who are curious to find out what others have already figured out // Curious is a new personal growth publication by The Startup (

Nate Miller

Written by

Artist and blogger. I help people bring more art into the world:



A community of people who are curious to find out what others have already figured out // Curious is a new personal growth publication by The Startup (

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